the authors


We are Abby, Phoebe and Jo.

Sisters, best friends, and co-bloggers.

Here we share the joys and challenges of life. For us, this blog is a way to express ourselves and tell of all the wonderful ways God works in our lives.

We are going to be honest, raw, and sometimes that might be edgy, or ouch-y for our readers, but we want to share what God places on our hearts, and how we are growing, what we are learning, and share it with you, because we long for honest relationships, and want to present ourselves honestly to our reading audience.  And just know that we are talking to ourselves as much as we are talking to you, when we write.  We pray that you are blessed, inspired, challenged, and most importantly, pointed back to Jesus through our writings.

We invite your feedback, comments, questions and critiques.


  1. Hi girls,
    If it is OK with you I would like to keep up with this blog. It is nice to "meet" you on here.

    1. You are most welcome to keep up with us... and nice to "meet" you as well. :)

      Thanks for commenting!

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