August 28, 2016


This gorgeous girl turns 21 today!  Wow!  It blows my mind that she is already an adult, with a big girl job, and adult responsibilities.

I remember being 3.5-4, and wanting a sister so badly.  I must have really pestered my Mom because after sometime, she said to me "well Abby, let's pray for you to have a little sister."  And so, in my childish ways, I prayed simply, that God would give me a baby sister. 

When she joined our family I was THRILLED!  I remember coming home and seeing her for the first time.  What a shot of joy went through my heart.  We gathered around Mom's bed, and "ooed" and "awwwed" over her.  When the midwife pricked her little toes, and Phoebe began to cry, I reached over and stuck my pinky into her mouth, and she calmed down. 

Phoebe, you have been my best friend since that first moment I laid eyes on your sweet little face.  Through the years we have grown closer, and done almost everything we could together.  You have been to me, in many ways, a big sister, and I have leaned hard on your strong shoulders through tough times in my own life.  God made you a bright and radiant light, and a gracious gift to our family, and to the world. 

A lump rises in my throat when I think about you being a kind, intelligent, godly and independent young lady, who any good man would be blessed to have as their wife... not because I don't think you are ready, but because you are more than ready, and I know that day is coming, fast.  I was sad the first day of your first job, because you wouldn't be here for me to chat with, or smile at across the room whenever I wanted to, though I was glad you had a job. :)

I am SO proud, so pleased with all that you have allowed God to do in and through you over the years.  You are patient, kind, smart, talented, gracious, wise, discerning, compassionate, generous, bold, steadfast, ambitious, and the list goes on and on. 

God has amazing things in store for your life, and as you continually seek His will, you will never go astray. 

I love you and I want to say God bless you and Happy Birthday as you celebrate 21 years of life!!