February 15, 2016

Picture post

So far this winter I have enjoyed a lot of quality family time with my brothers, and their lovely ladies. For Jo's 18th birthday the first weekend in February, Joel and Christine, Caleb, Claudia and Haylie came up to help her celebrate her big day.  We snapped a few pictures of the wonderful day.

Once the weather is consistently warmer, we are planning a big family picture, with Haylie.  We have taken a few pictures with her in them since her birth, but we are waiting until she is a bit older, and more alert.  I am amazed at how quickly she is growing, and changing.  Each time I see her she is more expressive and her personality is really starting to shine. 

A thought-provoking quote I came across last year, which now is a staple in my life and room. 

A modern  art painting I did last fall.  It's called "Hope Rising" 

Jaden snapped a candid picture of my interaction with "my" two boys.  I love them to bits, and enjoy playing with them, and watching them grow and learn something new each week. 

I got to go to Dallas to visit my lovely family the day before Valentine's which was GREAT!  The first part of the day was spent at Grandma's helping her do some things around her house, and in her yard.  And then we (the girls and Jaden accompanied me) concluded the day with a delicious meal at Christine's house, sandwiched between some hilarious games.  Snorta was the bomb!  

And of course, I had to get a selfie with my adorable niece.  She is so precious and tiny.  I am really enjoying being an auntie.  


  1. Fun times! :)
    I tagged you for the Happy Tag--http://on-solid-ground-sf.blogspot.com/2016/03/the-happy-tag.html
    ~ S. F.

    PS. I do believe you had a birthday recently? If so, happy belated birthday to one of my dearest friends! ♥

    1. Yes indeed! So many wonderful things happening in my life. :)

      Thank you for the tag, I shall respond to it directly, and thank you also for the birthday greetings! I had a lovely birthday. <3


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