December 29, 2015

Embracing God's Design

Image credit: Johanna Kautt

Recently I watched an ad by Google®.  It was a very well made advertisement (not surprising, they’re Google®, right?).  It presented a “man” who was born and grew up as a female, but had always felt like a male.  So, after several years of struggling with who she was and who she felt she was, she decided to have gender reassignment surgery.  Breast removal and then lots of hormones injected to deepen her voice and cause facial hair to grow, and all that.  

This sickened me and sadden me.  And, yet, I felt like I could relate.  Because I’ve always felt more masculine, and was a definite tomboy as a younger person growing up, and even thought I’d be a boy when I grew up (that was when I was a lot younger).   And I still struggle with how my body looks, and the lack of femininity, at least as to how I view it.

But, then I really think about it, and wonder how God feels.  He made me, and this woman, how we are: as women.  Female.  We may not have the biggest chest, skinniest bodies, or the prettiest faces, but He made us uniquely, distinctly, female.

And so I thought: If I’m not okay with that, then I’m not okay with who God made me.  If I change the way I look with multiple surgeries, trying to change into something I’m not – then I’m essentially slapping God in the face and saying, You didn’t know what You were doing when You designed me as a female.  So, I’m going to fix Your mistake.  What a thing to say to the God who created the universe with the very words of His mouth, and designed the intricate human cells and DNA!  To think that He isn’t smart enough to “get it right,” and that I, a fallible and mistake-prone human, am somehow more brilliant and wise!  

No!  He knit me, and that lady – and every other woman (and man) – together in our mother’s womb just the way He wanted us to be.  (Granted, sin does come in and mess things up a lot, but that’s a different topic altogether.)
Image credit: Johanna Kautt

And I can choose to either embrace that – and thank God for how He made me – or, I can reject it, and slap God right up side the face, and try to change who I truly am.

No removal of body parts or injections of hormones is going to change the design of my DNA and chromosomes.  My DNA tells me I’m a woman.  My fallen, sinful mind, and the deceived world, is the one telling me I’m something other than a woman.  They’re telling me I am who I feel I am at any given moment. 

I’ve chosen not to listen to what the world is saying, but, rather, to embrace my womanhood.  To enhance my femininity.  To allow God to mold me into the woman He designed and destined me to be.

The only kind of changing I’m going to do to myself is to adorn who God has already made me to be. 

“Let your adornment… be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit: which is very precious in the sight of God.”  1 Peter 3:3-4

People look on the outside.  God looks at the heart.

Image credit: Johanna Kautt


  1. I can relate as well. I was a tomboy growing up. Only girl. Most of my friends were boys because I was, a boy and liked to do "boy things." I was nearly a teenager before I realized I really was a girl and probably should be embracing that part of myself. One of the best gifts God gave me was a daughter who was a "girly girl." Though we struggled to understand each other early on, she brought out the feminine side in me. I believe had I had a tomboy as I had been, I would still feel less woman than man. My personality is one of dominance as well. I had to learn to embrace the inner person God called me to be. The female. The submissive wife. Let me tell you...THAT was a struggle! It took quite a few years after embracing the outward feminine that I finally accepted the inner feminine roll(s) and calling. Quite a few years into marriage. When God finally got through to me and showed me how to let my husband be the man, it transformed my life, Keith's life, our marriage and our family! God created me to be a woman. Try as I might, I could not and would not now want to change that.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you so much for your comment and encouragement. And for sharing a part of your story. I know for me there's lots more growing to do when it comes to this aspect of my life. And I'm working on it, with God's help. :)

  2. Beautifully put. We are not our own, we are bought with a price. Our mission is to glorify God, love Him and others, and die daily to our own sinful desires. The Lord has blessed us so abundantly. And we can say thank you best by living according to His design. I've found fulfillment in doing so. MRS. David Kautt


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