October 28, 2015

Jo {Portrait of a young woman}

Yesterday I had the honor of photographing my drop-dead gorgeous youngest sister - Jo.

She is really photogenic, and her outfits are always fun to capture.  Even though we were both disappointed in the lack of Autumn colors, we were still able to take a lot of nice pictures.  Here are a few of my favorites.
The many faces of Jo - I love capturing candids and was happy to catch her other than posing

This girl has great fashion taste - I mean look at those Argyle socks; and her gorgeous locks completed her outfit 

I love how this picture captures her youthfulness.
To me it's a picture into the girl inside, while she is blooming into a woman on the outside. 

Since Jo is an ardent + talented photographer we incorporated some of her antique cameras in our photoshoot

Pure beauty 
Fun-loving girl 
Johanna is such a lovely, open girl who I am blessed to have a sister and best friend.  I also think she looks stunning in blue.

Photographing Jo was an enjoyable learning experience, since my role when it comes to photo-shoots or videography opportunities is usually "gopher" so I am pretty pleased with the results from this portrait session.


  1. You did amazingly-- your talent as a photographer is definitely blossoming! :) So maybe in future photoshoots, you won't be "just the gopher". ;)

    Thanks for sweetly taking my portraits and posting the tribute here!

    Love ya!! <3

    1. Thank you for letting me try my hand!! I had a lot of fun. :)
      Love you too!! <3


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