August 14, 2015

"Some of the ink" {ordinary miracles}

One week ago today, I went garage saleing with a friend from church.  We stopped at various sales across our town, some with fascinating finds, others with almost-worthless junk.  There was an estate sale we stopped at, and while they had a lot of neat and nice things, only a few were things that fit our "to buy" list.

I did however, notice in what I call the "art room" some old-world calligraphy pens, and inks.  They grabbed my attention immediately, and I found myself regretting the fact that I didn't have ten dollars to get the pens at the least.  So, I walked away from that sale, wishing, hoping to somehow get those pens.

You see, I am one of "those" people who is trying to maintain some old-worldness in this fast-paced, and overly informed (or mis-informed) world.  And for several years, off and on (more off than on, sadly), I have practiced calligraphy using a lovely fountain pen my dear Mom bought for me one Christmas.

The beautiful pens
Alas, a few years ago that pen broke, and I have been empty-handed, and forlorn in my pursuit of an important, but overly neglected art - penmanship and ink art.

Back to my story: the next morning, I got up fairly early (for a Saturday), and with an idea in my head.  Now, I know that debt is bad, and that "the borrower is servant to the lender" but I had this scheme in mind which I thought feasible, if Phoebe didn't mind lending me the needed funds.

I presented her my plan, and she said it would be alright, I promising to pay her in return as soon as I had the money, and so I set off, hoping, praying, that no hipsters had showed up to that estate sale and landed upon this forgotten treasure.

It was a little after 10 o'clock in the morning when I arrived at the sale, as any faithful shopper knows, this was late when it comes to really getting a good deal.  But, I was still hoping that those lovely little pens would still be there.

I was pleasantly greeted by the ladies holding the sale, and invited to look around, one of the ladies informing me that there were "items in every room, so be sure to check them out."  I nodded in return, and immediately headed to the "art room" to see if those pens were still there.

Much to relief, I saw the tattered box lying on the table, untouched and in place.  I grabbed it up, eager to finalize my purchase.  I longingly eyed the bags of colored and black ink, but shoved all thought of them from my mind, knowing I had only enough money for the pens.

Walking back into the living room, the three pleasant ladies noticed my smile, and as I handed them the money I exclaimed "oh, I am so glad these were still here!"  And handed them the ten dollar bill.  They looked slightly shocked, but pleased that a customer had found a treasure.  They wished me well, and I was soon out the door and down the steps, towards the driveway.

The loot - The calligraphy pens came with an accompanying box FULL of various nibs
I was contemplating how long it would be before we could buy some ink for these lovely little pens, when my revere was broken by a voice behind me gently calling "Ma'am? Ma'am?"  There were other female customers of varying ages in the vicinity, so I assumed she was calling one of them, but she persisted, and since I was still standing there, I turned and asked "yes?"  She said in reply "Ma'am, I know you're not a ma'am, but I wanted to give you something."  And so I retraced my steps up to the doorway of the house, where the pleasant lady was offering me "some of the ink" (which just happened to be all three bags).

"some of the ink"
I was shocked, and wildly pleased all at once.  I asked her if she was sure, and also communicated my thankfulness and surprise at this kind gesture.  And then, walking away with a million dollar smile on my face, realized that the problem of not having any ink, which I was just moments before contemplating, was suddenly taken care of.  And as I shut the door to my car, I whooped!  And thanked God, for blessing me with something so seemingly small and unimportant.

I think I wore that smile the rest of the day. 


  1. What a great find! I love dip pens. Thanks for sharing. :)
    ~ S. F.

    1. I think so too, S.F., and I can't wait to make some lovely letter art with them. I have already had fun experimenting with the various shades of ink, and the different nibs. Fun!

  2. Sweet story! Thanks for telling it. I look forward to seeing what you do with the pens!

    1. Thank you for reading it, and I'm glad you enjoyed what I wrote. I can't wait to see what all will flow from this blessing. :)


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