August 11, 2015

Live your dream

In our world crammed with social media perfect pictures, YouTube videos showcasing the latest vloggers international adventure, it can be difficult to be content with the dream God has placed in your heart.  I know from personal experience, that I have struggled with being content with where (geographically) God has placed me.  We are a generation obsessed with exploring new places and living adventurously, and while there is nothing wrong with that, I fear that we have lost something important: living in the place God has planted us.

But (that's an important word, isn't it?), since I have been in Oklahoma, I have been able to do a lot of things I have wanted to accomplish off my "bucket list." And it got me to thinking:

Are you living your dream?  I don't mean this in a selfish way, but in a "what has God called you to do" way.  So, are you placing yourself in a position to do His will?  Or are you seeking greater thrills?  I know how easy it is to get off the right track, and on the path of something that seems better, more adventurous, exciting and fun, but I don't want to live someone else's life, I want to live my life, and live it well.

If I am always looking at what others are doing, and wishing it was mine, then am I really living the life God has for me, or lusting after something I can't have, or don't need?  With YouTube, Instagram and SnapChat giving us easy access to other people's adventures, the struggle to go and do something other than what we are doing, is real.  

I want to live the story God has written for my life, and do so to the best of my ability.  And the neat thing about each of us, is that our stories are going to be different.  And we shouldn't be envious of what someone else gets to do, because they are called to something that we are not, and that's OK.  We each have a mission to accomplish on this earth before our time is up, and we should have that as our focus - not on what we don't like about our lives, or what we missing out on, or could be doing.  What are we doing?  How are we building God's kingdom, now?

Make yourself available to what I like to call "God opportunities" and hey, there are lots of little adventures to be had when we are serving God and his people. Not everyone is going to travel the world, or go half way across the globe to serve as a missionary, or work in the inner city.  More often than not you'll be like me - in an ordinary small town America setting, where there are plenty of ordinary people with ordinary problems, needing extraordinary Hope.  Are we going to be selfish and wish we were somewhere else?  Or serve God where we are?

Just a challenge I wanted to issue to my brothers and sisters, and something that I have struggled with myself, so this is coming from my heart.


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