June 2, 2015

June gifts


1. Tiger lilies
2. Oranges which are almost my favorite fruit, and so refreshing
3. Jaden's favorite color being orange 
4. Phoebe's cheeky humor
5. Silly meme's on facebook
6. Snapchat photos
7. Dad's affection in the morning
8. Encouraging words from Mom
9. Jo's thank you's 
10. New Creation, old has passed, new has come
11. Daughter, co-heir with Jesus
12. Sanctified because of Jesus' blood
13. The Father hearing and knowing my prayers before they are uttered
14. Heaven's perfection and happiness
15. Rules which God has given to protect me, because of His great love
16. Brown, dead black berry bushes in the winter, transformed into glorious, fruit producing vines come spring
17. Our sins which are washed away, changing us from crimson to white as snow
18. Caterpillar to monarch, the metamorphosis of beauty
19. God's faithfulness, justice, mercy, and love in the Psalms
20. How thankfulness / graditude can transform even the most ugly heart into one singing Joy to God
21. We were created to do good works; Jesus went about doing good; my life ministry needs to be doing good to those who need me, no matter their life situation
22. Waiting on God to provide for my needs, learning patience
23. Separation from my brothers which makes our reunions more joyful and our time together more meaningful
24. Silence
25. Seeing Joel and Christine, Caleb and Claudia, Jason and Jessica and Lili on Saturday and Sunday
26. SOUL church on the parking lot in downtown Dallas and all the joyful people there praising Jesus, unified
27. Finding the Etude by Chopin after searching for it for a while
28. Waking up before my alarm went off and having a productive morning because of that

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