March 23, 2015


I haven't really shared anything super personal on here in a while, some of that is due to time constraints, some due to the lack of space on my blog for more pictures... sigh.  But, I thought a personal update with pictures might be nice.  

My birthday cookie 

One the first day of this month, I turned 25, and celebrated my birthday with my family, and my small group family.  We had a lovely dinner, complete with homemade skillet chocolate chip cookie, and homemade vanilla ice cream which Phoebe so sweetly made.

Earlier in the day, my sisters and I had the fun opportunity to go to a friend's baby shower.  I decided to dress like a hippie. 

My bohemian outfit 
My friend Elizabeth sent me a nice package full of lovely presents 
I got lots of lovely gifts and cards from my family and friends.  One of my favorites was, this cute and really warm beanie my brother and sister-in-love gave me:
Because life is too short not to take silly pictures

I got to visit with my uncle and aunt who were here from Germany, which was a nice blessing.  
If you've never gone for Bubble (Boba) tea, you are missing out!
While we were in Dallas visiting family, we went for Bubble tea with them, and had such a fun evening playing Uno, and chatting.  


My siblings and I are "fans" of the Despicable Me films, and we have acquired a few t-shirts displaying our affection.  We decided to get a group picture, since we all matched. :) 
Since turning 25, I have gone one several adventures, and continued to do ministry.  And I have come to understand better what I am supposed to do with my life.  God is ever faithful and gracious, and His light leads and guides my life.  
I am so thankful for another year of life, and my prayer is that I would know Christ and make Him known - famous, in this new year of life! 


  1. Happy (very) late Birthday, Abby! Your day and presents sound wonderful. May the Lord bless you in this next year of your life. ♥
    S. F.

    1. Thank you, S.F. I had a lovely lovely birthday.

      Hope that all is well with you, friend. :)


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