January 16, 2015

My happy place

My fingers happily covered in earth
Last year I created a small flower bed under what I call the 'reading tree' in the back yard.  And over the months of colder weather, weeds have grown into my bed.  So today I took action, and cleared them all away.

All clear of weeds 
And then I planted flower bulbs.  And so the anticipation will mount as I wait for the early spring days when those bulbs will be transformed into glorious flowers.

A lovely day to weed 
And the tree will no longer be lonely, as it will have green shoots of flowers growing around it's base. Just thinking about that makes me happy.


  1. This is so inspiring, Abby! It is so magical how something can seem so forgotten and "weedy", then someone comes along and plants some flowers. Think of how beautiful they will be in the spring! You must share pictures of them then. :)
    S. F.

    1. Aww, you are kind S.F.

      Yes, it also reminds me of how in life, unless we are actively seeking to weed out the garden of our hearts, and plant beautiful things therein, we can become weedy, and forgotten (to ourselves). I can't wait until the little green sprouts shoot up and then blooming heads appear. I shall try to keep my readers abreast of their progress. :)

      Love you!


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