January 5, 2015

Missional: Share Your Story

Adrean is an amazing, hip friend of mine from church, who I have had the privilege of getting to know over the last year or so.  She has such a passion for God, and hurting kids.  She shares her heart in this post.

Q: How and when did you first become active in ministry?

I remember actually telling God this whole church thing and serving Him was too hard but I would give Him one more chance at it. (Only had been saved for a couple of months at this point) that following Sunday the youth pastor came up to me and said "I've been looking for you, I heard you like to work with youth and wanted to know if you would like to help us."It was from that point on that God truly won my heart and He gave me a new vision for my life. Thank goodness God overlooks our foolishness and did take me up on that one more chance.

Q: What does 'missional' mean to you?

Missional to me is not just part of a program a church has. But it's about each believer being like Christ. and how it works in my life is something I starve for in my every day life. Being Missional is part of who I am in Christ. It's what I was created for, to share the truth and love of God. We each are called to build Gods kingdom. Therefore we all have a Mission!

Q: Name 5 things which have shaped your worldview.

1. The Word of God 2. Creation Science 3. Parents 4. Life experience 5. Did I say The Word of God, actually all the others must line up with what the word says.

Q: How would you encourage young people to get involved in ministry?

I tell students we were created to serve. We have a choice in who and what we will serve, that it's up to them to choose. Ministry is not just saved for adults to do but they can use their talents now to spread God's love to those around them.

Q: You just got back from a 3 month stint in Israel, could you share some highlights from your trip.
Trying to choose just a few highlights from my trip is difficult to do. Each day I was there God showed himself in new ways. But I would say the biggest truth I took away with me was learning to trust God with my life. 10 days after getting there a war started. In 50 days over 5000 rockets where fired at Israel. First time the bomb sirens went off I truly didn't know how to react. I wanted to go home and my family was pushing for me to come home too. However, in the middle of it all I could feel God's peace and him saying did I or didn't I tell you to come here? I made a choice and stayed in Israel like the original plan. I am thankful I was obedient to God because during that time I learned about a whole new side of God's love for His people and every time a bomb was fired, fear was broken in my life. If I can trust God with my life than I can trust Him with anything.
Adrean Stinnett is a woman on a mission to see dreams come to pass and lives transformed by the power of God's word. she was brought up on the outskirts of Durant, OK. It was there she found the passion for the church to catch Gods heart for this world and do something about it. God has called her to be a voice for this generation and to speak out on the truths of living a life of absolutes according to the Bible. She is a graduate of Christ For the Nations in Dallas,Tx and has served on mission trips to Central America, Israel, Inner City Missions, Youth Detention Centers, and various other outreach focused programs. She spent the last five years in Little Rock, Ar working with local youth involved in gangs and director of an outreach center. Adrean believes, by joining with other believers, we will see a lasting impact in our community and nation. She is ready to see the body acquire a deeper passion for the TRUTH and LOVE of Christ.


  1. I am so proud of you and the work you do Adrean. You are truly a blessing to those around you.

    Sharon Smith

    1. Thank you, Sharon. She is a gift. I will be sure to pass along your kind words to her.


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