January 17, 2015


"To the one who spoke and set the sun ablaze
To the one who stopped the storm and walked the waves
To the one who took the tree so He could say
You matter, I hope you know you matter

I know it's not easy, not saying it's fair
But close as a prayer somebody cares
You're a treasure, don't you know you're treasured

So hold your head high, wait for the dawn
Keep hanging on, your sadness will turn into laughter
Watch it turn into laughter, yeah"

Curtains that I re-purposed from a bed sham cover
in my favorite shade of green - celery.

Phoebe so sweetly constructed this small shelf 
for all my lovely little trinkets, several of which I 
got as gifts at Christmas. 

This wine bottle light was made by my brother
and the candle holder is a favorite of mine I 
picked up a few years back, from a thrift store. 

I love adding little elements to my room that make it feel more homey, and friendly.  Nothing over done, just low-key, artsy, cute and perhaps surprising touches to lighten up the room.  Since I share my room with my sisters, I have to keep things contained, due to space constraints. 

How do you decorate your room?  What is your style? 


  1. Beautiful decorating! I like the lights in the bottle. ;)
    ~ S. F.

  2. Thank you! Me too. It is extra special to me, because my brother made it and gave it to me last Christmas. :)


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