May 30, 2014


Lately I haven't been blogging, or doing much of any online writing, simply because of time.  Spring at my house means a lot of gardening activity, and travel.

This month I had the pleasure of traveling to Pennsylvania, as I helped one of my aunts move.  It was breathtaking, green, hilly and peaceful.  And chilly.

Imagine having this massive and beautiful building right outside your back yard.  

The gardens are doing well.  Things are beginning to look like we will have a successful harvest at the end of the summer.  I just hope the plants can make it through the horrid heat we will likely have this summer.  But for now, we will enjoy the cooler mornings, the afternoon rain showers and clouds, and the breezy evenings.  
A gorgeous Oklahoma evening

Memorial day was nice - we spent it with my brother, some of my cousins, and Grandma in Dallas.  It was quiet, peaceful.  We had some yummy picnic-y food, watched the Rangers win, and just chilled.  It's always hard on me going back to the places I love, and can't be anymore.  It causes me to really focus on the important things in life.  

Soon I want to blog about some things I have been learning, and how I have been changing, growing, maturing.  Thanks to God. :) 

So, I'll leave you with some chalk art, courtesy of Phoebe - I love our chalkboard wall!!

May 22, 2014

Sunshine award: my responses

S.F. over at On Solid Ground, awarded me the Sunshine Award, and I am finally responding. :P

What books have you been sticking your nose in lately?  
I have been reading an expose on the life and writings of Karl Barth (20th century Swiss thinker and theologian), the Bible of course, and The Faith Once For all (Jack Cottrell) and how could I forget, The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis 
Ever traveled out of the country you live in? Sadly, no. 
Are you more apt to giggle or guffaw?  
Both, depending on how funny something seems to me. 
Summer's almost here! What makes summer special to you?  More daylight, traveling, late nights, VBS, family time.
How would you describe this? :  Perfectly serene, pastoral, pleasing to the eye.  A place I would love to visit (and I'm guessing it's somewhere in Ireland?)
Photo via Pinterest

Thank you for asking some interesting questions, I enjoyed 

answering them, and thank you for the award. :)