December 19, 2014

Jaden's 12!!

Happy 12th Birthday Jaden!!

Jaden is my youngest brother, who is now almost as tall as me.  He is always astounding me with his increasing knowledge of all things Lego, Animals, Guns, Helicopters, and Science.  He is a keen observer of this world, and notices minute details, which most of us overlook.

His appreciation for life, his thirst for knowledge, and his abundant energy inspire me every day.  Too often we become jaded, and miss the beauty of the every day.

His smile, silly humor and quick comebacks make him fun to be around.  He genuinely loves people, and can't stand to be on his own.

This year he has shown a great diligence in his school studies, his tidy book work, his attention to neatness, and his desire to be 100% correct on every test, worksheet and copy work remind me of someone much older and more studious.

Jaden, I love how you have a deep compassion for people, not just when you see them in pain, but in general.  You love to help, and you are a faithful worker.  Your general cheerfulness, and upbeat spirit are a definite plus. :)

I love you, and I pray that God will fill and guide you in this new year of life.  I know that you will change even more this year, as you grow closer to manhood.  I am excited for all that 2015 holds for you, as I know that God has important things for you to do.

May you continue to press into Jesus, as the Lover of your soul.

Happy Birthday, Buddy!!  

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