November 25, 2014


That I may proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving,

And tell of all Your wondrous works.

(Psalm 26:7)

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, who work in my heart every day, to conform me more to the perfect image of Christ; whose love is endless, strong and reassuring.

My parents, who love each other, and are committed to being a team, something I admire them for, because it takes deep commitment and love to keep going in a marriage (they have been married for 33 years).  I love you, Mom and Dad!

Joel - you are my best friend, and this year we have grown even closer.  Thank you for being the BEST older brother, for your generous heart, your listening ear, your kind wisdom, your selfless spirit, your fun-loving, adventurous nature, and most of all, your sensitive heart for those in need, who you can love in Jesus' name.  I love you!

Caleb and Claudia - y'all are so cute together, and I am thankful to see God working in each of you as individuals, but more importantly, as a couple.  In March I had the honor of witnessing your vows to each other, and throughout this year, I have seen your love grow, mature, and deepen.  I am so proud of how you have each made some great strides as you walk this path called life.  I am excited for you as you look to your first anniversary, as I know God has a lot in store for my second favorite couple. I love you both!

Phoebe - you are my best friend, and an inspiration to me every day.  Your peaceful spirit is always a blessing, as I tend to be the frantic sister.  You are an amazing woman of God who keeps growing in your understanding of Who He is, and who you are.  I love how passionate you are about life, and how you throw yourself into whatever you are doing, whether it be your job, music, WNL, Sunday morning, housework, school, sports, or your amazing baking projects.  You are a light, just like your name means.  I love you!!

Johanna - you are also my best friend, and what would I do without you?  Hopefully nothing.  You are so creative, and funny, and your smile really lights up a room.  I admire your courage, determination, and faith in God, especially this year.  Your love for life, friends, and experiencing new things is contagious.  Keep crafting, singing, playing beautiful music, and loving people, because you are good at those things.  I love you sis!!

Jaden  - my spunky "little" brother, whose energy level never drops, whose mouth never stops, and whose brain is always churning because you thrive on learning, doing and being.  I am excited to see where God will take you in this life, how He will use your love for animals, facts, and sounds. I love how you love to surprise us, how you enjoy being outside, getting messy as you romp through the mud, ride your bike through water, talk with kitty, charge by with your sword, after some unseen enemy, how you spend hours pouring over your Lego table, and how detailed things turn out after you've labored over them.  I know God has great things for you, my warrior brother.  I love you!

-Fall colors
-Elizabeth, Camille, Rebekah, Brittany, Allison, Amy, Secret Friend, and Sian
-Country walks
-Wednesday Night live
-1000 Gifts journey
-Warm beds
-Garden produce
-British television dramas
-Ginger nymphs
-Small group
-For King and Country
-Family gatherings
-New clothing
-Jaden's smile
-Chalkboard art
-Grandma's hugs
-Concerts with Joel
-A lovely home
-The Bible
-My plants
-Bible studies
-Reliable vehicles

My list literally goes on into eternity, because the countless blessings God gives, are new every day.

Happy Thanksgiving friends!! 

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