November 20, 2014


Me at 15 and 24.5 
As I was ironing the other afternoon, I started thinking back on some of the lessons I have learned over the years, and what I would tell my 15 year old self, if I could go back in time. 

Next year, I will be 25, a whole decade will have passed since my 15th birthday - which both frightens me and excites me, because even though I enjoyed my "teen" years, I am glad they are over.  

I want to share several things that I have learned in the years since my 15th birthday:

- God is the most important relationship in your life, so spend more time praying, reading the Word, and memorizing scripture.  

- Your parents and siblings love you, no matter what you do, or say, so treat them with unconditional love, and patience.  

- Show affection to those who care about you

- School is important, so focus on your studies while you are still young, and your brain and life aren't overflowing with stuff 

- Good friendships are worth developing, and waiting for, because whoever you hang with will effect your worldview ("The righteous should choose his friends carefully, For the way of the wicked leads them astray."  Proverbs 12:26) 

- Read more challenging material, to expand your understanding of this world 

- Be diligent in your chores, housework, and any jobs you have, because honesty and dependability are important virtues to hone 

- Smile - because this world is made up of grouchy people who walk around defeated and beaten down, and it shows on their faces 

- Rules are important, because they protect you from evil, and focus you on good; don't begrudge what God has commanded you to do, through His word, and your parents 

- Confidence comes from knowing who you are in Christ: you are loved, you are accepted, you are cherished, you are precious, you are kept, you are saved, you are begotten again, you are redeemed, you are Spirit-filled...

- Speak only after you have carefully considered your choice of words (is it Sincere, Truthful, Innocent, Noble, Kind?)

- Learning to cook, clean, balance a checkbook, grocery shop, care for younger children, drive, car care, and basic knowledge of power tools are good skills to acquire 

- Fashion, and popularity aren't all they are cracked up to be, so focus on pleasing God, above people in general

- Boys make great friends, so treat them as such, not the possible "one" 

- Spend more time with your siblings, developing those relationships, because friends come and go, but your siblings stay with you for a lifetime 

- Get to know your grandparents while they are still alive, ask questions, listen to advice, show respect and love for them 

- Be thankful! 

And finally

- Sin is serious, so treat it as a deadly plant whose roots need to be constantly removed from your heart 


Let no one despise your youth, 
but be an example to the believers in word, 
in conduct, in love, in spirit,
 in faith, in purity

I Timothy 4:12 

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