August 29, 2014


...Phoebe turned 19! :)

Jo (me), Rowena, Phoebe, Abby and Rachel. The two R.'s are our cousins. :)

Even though she is older than me, I still find myself stunned by the fact that she is getting older. Not that she is OLD, but that we more than likely have a short time left together. One or both of us will probably marry, move away, go to college or something of that sort. That, to me, is a bitter-sweet thought. I love Phoebe very dearly! Besides my other sister (and my friend Kathleen), she is my dearest friend. I can't imagine life without her!

The four Kautt sisters

 Life without her nearly constant witty remarks; her techy support; her words of encouragement; her cheerful attitude; her enthusiasm for life (especially sports *think BASEBALL*-- even if I despise pro-sports); most importantly her love and passion for God and truth. Gah, life would be pretty bland. ;)

"Pheebs" and I are practically joined at the hip; twins born 2 1/2 years apart. We are alike in quite a few ways:

  • We are both musically inclined

  • We love taking photos
  • We randomly blurt out movie, book or song quotes/lines
  • We will think of something at the same exact time and usually utter it at the same time. :) We have fun with that one.--- All three of us girls share a room, and at night (we keep our room super dark) we all say goodnight blessings to each other and so since we know Abby can't see us, Pheebs and I will sometimes (sometimes planned, sometimes not) in the same breath say goodnight back to her. Then she thinks only one of us has responded to her. :D We love to trick her! :D 
  • We are both mischievous (believe, the above account only scratches the surface), though I think Phoebe is more clever in her pranks and tricks--- probably because she is so quiet. You have to watch-out when you're around her! :) 

  • I am sure there are other ways too, that I can't think of right now.
  • Oh, we're both pretty sarcastic. ;) And we LOVE to give each other a hard time! 
Ways we are NOT alike:
  •  She's extremely athletic (to the point of intimidating athletic GUYS!! :D) and excels in nearly any sport she tries to play vs. I enjoy sports (*playing* certain sports-- like ultimate frisbee, sometimes volleyball), but am not good at really any. 
Playing ultimate frisbee

  • She is very good at mathematics vs. I like math, but it most certainly is not one of my academic strengths.
  • She isn't a girly-girl at all (she does enjoy dressing femininely, but her version is devoid of pink, frills, etc. for the most part) vs. I am a infamous fashionista (wanna-be, I guess). However, I enjoy getting muddy, going four-wheeling, riding bikes, etc. :) 
  • She is very laid-back (except in large social circles--- well, she's getting better at it. She's rather shy in such gatherings) vs. I tend to get all wound-up easily and too talkative (though I have mellowed in that way too, since we moved to OK and left friends). I hope that is just a maturity aspect. ;) 
All of this to say, I am blessed beyond measure by my darling, dark curly-headed Phoebe Ann! :)

God has been so gracious to bestow her to my family. :) Any guys out there reading this, if you win her heart, you've won quite a treasure. Of course, I am just a *tad* bit biased. ;) Love you, Pheebster!


  1. Happy late birthday, Phoebe! This is a fabulous post, Jo--very well put together. :) I can understand this very much as I have sisters too. They're one of the greatest things, aren't they?
    ~ S. F.

  2. I shall pass along your birthday greetings to the dear gal! :) Aw... well, thank you. :) I like to have fun with words and sentences structuring. ;) haha, kind of a word nerd, yeah. :D Totally--- I would be have lost in life without them!!!! ;)


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