August 19, 2014


a journal entry from over 2 years ago

I have been journaling since 2003, when I was 13 years young.  Which means, that I have accumulated quite a number of journals over the years, well over 20 are kept away in a box.  I will, from time to time, pull one out, and peruse its contents, smiling to myself at my idealism, and dreams, which were so far-fetched and unrealistic; or my rants on topics I was little acquainted with, but my passion oozed nonetheless.  

For me, keeping a journal serves two purposes: Firstly, it helps me to clarify my thoughts, since I find that I can understand something more clearly after I have thought it over, and recorded it on paper.  And secondly, to keep a record of life events, quotes, struggles, and musings, which are private, but which I wish to record for the future.  

I currently have two journals which I write in on a regular basis - one is my personal journal, where I write about my life, and focus my writing on working through problems, recording prayers, blessings, joys and sorrows.  The other is my 1000 gifts journal, where I record, the blessings, magnificent and mundane, with which God has blessed my life.  This is the second time I have gone through the 1000 Gifts journey, and I highly recommend this exercise, as thankfulness is one way we can worship our great Jesus.  

One thing I have learned from my years of keeping a journal, is that it is not wise to write when I am angry or upset, because I inevitably write things I later regret, things which need only be poured out to my Abba, in heart-wrenching prayer.  

If you don't keep a journal, I would encourage you to do so - even if it just a prayer journal, it can be so helpful to see what your heart is wanting to say.  I find that often my words are best expressed on paper, not audibly.  


I pour out my soul in words. Desperate to be able to understand life, embracing its ups and downs. Each day is a gift, another opportunity to bless, to smile, to share, to extend mercy, to truly love. Release your fears to Jesus, and find peace in Him. 


  1. It has only been in the last year that I have kept a constant journal. My two older sisters have always been really good at it, so I wanted to be like them. Looking back on my past journal entries I wrote, I find myself smiling because of all the things I wrote when I was younger, even if it was only a little bit. Thank you for the encouragement and inspiring words!
    God bless you,
    S. F.

  2. I find journaling therapeutic, and elucidating. I think you will be glad that you have kept a journal, in years to come, when you can look back and see what the Lord has taught you, the blessings you have received, and the adventures you have taken, all recorded there. :)


Thank you for sharing!