August 5, 2014

Flora and Fauna

Mimosa flower

The delicate leaves of a Mimosa 

Green against the sky 

Three cherries 

Red and ripe 

A baby watermelon (they are much larger now) 

Hidden in the deep green 

Summer squash 

Lovely roses 


  1. Wow, so beautiful! Especially the first, second and last ones. You are so good with the camera! Now I feel like going outside and snapping some shots. :)
    Thank you for sharing,
    S. F.

    1. Thank you! I haven't gone out to take pictures in a couple of weeks, so these are the newest ones I've got. I'm sad to say the garden is way overgrown with weeds - due to all the rain, and lack of enthusiastic workers, lol.

      You should! I'm sure there are many beautiful plants in your yard. :)

    2. Ha ha! Yes. That does happen sometimes. :)

      There are! But, the battery for my camera is dead and I can't find the charger. And the new one hasn't come yet...oh well.

      ~ S. F.

    3. Oh my yes, especially this year with all the rain we've had, which has been a tremendous blessing as we've had a drought for a while.

      Well, that is a hitch that you'll have to wait on... too bad.


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