July 25, 2014

Falls Creek 2014

My sister Phoebe and I had the wonderful privilege of being camp sponsors this year, for our youth group, and so we had the opportunity to attend one full week at Falls Creek camp in the mountains of SW Oklahoma.  The theme for the week was Drive (based upon 2 Corinthians 5:14-21), and what a great many lessons we learned, not only from personal quiet time and small group, but also from morning and evening tabernacle.

Our dorms were quite rustic, but comfy in every way.  They were located across a pretty little stream, full of trout and other nice fish.  The blue bridge was fun to cross each morning and evening.  It made us feel as though ours was a special, private cabin, separate from the rest.  Which, was nice considering there were 5,000 kids attending camp that week. :)

We designed and decorated tee-shirts with the theme in mind, and wore them one of the afternoons.  It was a fun and messy process.  And a nice souvenir to take home.  

As Phoebe is a big baseball fan, she designed her shirt around that theme.  It turned out well I thought.  

One of the only afternoon's the sun was actually shining, we took some of the girls to the creek to kayak.  They had a good time, even raced a bit.  The water was quite nippy, so I didn't get on the water.

Phoebe and I in our Drive tee shirts that we designed.  

Phoebe helping Ms. Roy, the wonderful and talented cook from our congregation.  She slaved many an hour in the kitchen, creating some yummy meals during the week. 

Some of the kids playing card games one of the afternoons.  

"my" girls - Emily (back row, second from the left) and I were co-leaders of this small group.  We had many meaningful study times, and questions and discussions during the week.  It was great getting to know them better.  

I attempted to climb the vertical wall, but the holds got to small and my hands got to sweaty, so I only made it up about 10 feet, and then came back down.  It is a bit scary, having you life in someone else's hands.  

Human foosball was fun as well.  Pretty rough and rowdy.  

Before each volleyball game in the tournament, the teams prayed.  

The co-ed youth team (it changed a bit during the week)

They only lost one game, their last, which eliminated them from the tournament. 

One of the afternoons we "ran into" the speaker for that week, Mr. Afshin Ziafat.  His story is amazing.  Iranian, grew up in an Islamic home, became a Christian in high school.  Now he is serving the Lord with a church in Frisco, TX.  

The view from the top of the dorm stairs.  A pleasant sight indeed. 

Junga-pong was quite popular with the young people.  We played many a rousing game, into the wee hours of the morning some of the nights/mornings.  

Fixing up the menu fancy like 

Evening tabernacle was a powerful time of praise and worship, and bible study led by Afshin Ziafat.  

A colorful and creative world map at the missions center 

Learning more about missions

One of the girls successfully caught several fish  

Fishing off the bridge 

Price Falls 

I will post a few more pictures, and more thoughts about the week of camp soon.  


  1. Fabulous time, Abby! It looks as if you a lot of fun. :)
    The scenery is so stunning and beautiful, especially the waterfall!
    I'm excited to see more.
    Love ~ S. F.

    1. We had a wonderful week! Learned so much, and had a fun fun time.


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