June 5, 2014

Spring in the garden

We began our garden back in February, when Phoebe and I planted our onions.  From there we added two more beds, and more plants as we had the time.  Here are a few "before," "during," and "currently" pictures of the process we call gardening.

Unloading the first of three "rounds" of composted manure for the garden beds

Jaden has been such a big helper this year

Adding soil to the prepared bed

The gardens June 2014


Tiny bell peppers 

Sage and Thyme 

An assortment of herbs and medicinal plants 

These tomato plants are doing so well - they are quite bushy. :)
Ready to pick

We have planted some corn, summer squash, and melons which are all sprouting.  I just didn't get any really good close up pictures of them.  


  1. Your garden look like it's doing wonderfully! And that picture of the blackberry (? third one up from the end) makes me hungry. :) Isn't it amazing to see things grow?
    ~ S. F.

    1. It is surprisingly! We've had some late spring rains lately which have helped. The blackberry bush has produced quite a number of yummy treats. It is a wonderful process to behold


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