December 19, 2013

A Pinteresting Christmas ~ Part 1

Our mini Christmas tree

This year I've been making a lot of the gifts that I'll be giving.  And several of them came from Pinspiration (Pinterest inspiration).  Of course, since Christmas isn't here yet, I can't post about all of the gifts I've made, but there is one I've already given.  

I love working with my hands, and I also love graphic design.  So putting those two together, I created a plaque of a favorite Scripture passage (1 Thess. 5:16-18) using - yes, you probably guessed it - wood from used pallets.  This gift I gave away at a ladies' Christmas party (a white elephant/dirty santa gift exchange), and it was much wanted.  I'm glad, because it took 3-4 hours to make - but it was well worth it!  

I forgot to take one last photo before I wrapped it.  So, alas, no photo of the finished product.  
Me and my 'studio', i.e. my very messy bedroom.  :)

At the beginning of the project.

So... You'll just have to wait until after Christmas to see what were the other gifts that I made.  (Sorry to keep you in suspense.  ;) )

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  1. Amazing job on the plaque!
    I'm excited to see the other presents.


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