November 2, 2013

6 Favorite Uses for Peppermint Essential Oil

I have come to really enjoy using Peppermint E.O., and miss is dearly when I don't have it available.  So, I decided to make up a list of my favorite uses for it.  Here it goes:

1. Air freshener ~ Add a few drops to an E.O. diffuser, and let it fill the air with the wonderful fragrance.
Fresh peppermint leaves
2. Breath freshener ~ My dad likes to carry around a bottle of peppermint E.O. as an alternative to gum or mints.  It works wonderfully to freshen up your breath.  Just put a couple drops on your tongue, and let it do it's job!
3. Mouthwash Alternative ~ Add a few drops to some purified water, and swish it around in your mouth.  You'll feel refreshed, and clean!
4. Toothpaste Additive/Alternative ~ Add a drop or two to your tooth paste each brushing, or just simply put a couple drops on your tooth brush in place of toothpaste.  It will amaze you how clean your mouth will be and feel. 
5. Breathing Aid ~ When it comes to sleeping at night, I like to have a clear nose to be able to breath through.  Well, sometimes that just isn't achievable by simply blowing your nose.  Put a few drops around your nose and breath it in.  It will clear it up almost instantly!  (If you have sensitive skin, I wouldn't recommend this - it may burn your skin.  Instead, put several drops on a cloth, and hang the cloth near your nose.)
Peppermint E.O.
6. Bug Bite Healer ~ Rub some peppermint E.O.s on any kind of bug bite: mosquito, tick, chiggers, you name it.  If your skin is sensitive, simply dilute the E.O. in some other type of oil; coconut, jojoba and olive oil work well. 

Since I've given you a list of my favorite uses, I'll now give you my favorite places to buy peppermint E.O., or any other essential oils, for that matter: Heritage Essential Oils and Young Living.  These two companies produce high quality and pure essential oils.  We've been very satisfied with their products over the years.

The author is in no way connected or funded by Heritage Essential Oils or Young Living. 

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  1. Peppermint! mmmmm.....yummy. ♥ it! :)
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