October 10, 2013

To clarify

I wanted to clarify why this blog is now not only mine, but a joint-project with my sister, Phoebe. 

Wanting to encourage her creative side, I invited her to join me in exploring and writing about life.  Her life. My life. Our life.  Thus, we decided to jointly blog here on my site, whilst maintaining the family blog Phoebe runs, and our sense of individuality.  

Each post we place on this site will have our names attached to them, distinguishing who the author is. And of course, we will be writing from our own distinctive styles, so that helps too. ;) 

So, if you all have a question to send Phoebe's way, feel free!  She's an experienced blogger, having maintained not only our family blog for several years now, but being a massive contributor to Suburban Homestead, and Creation Evangelism Tools.  

I look forward to seeing what topics Phoebe and I will tackle together.  You know how controversial and blunt I can be, and I will continue to speak (write actually) my mind on here.  It's going to be a fun adventure!


  1. That sounds exciting! I look forward to seeing what Phoebe shall right.
    I love her name!
    ~ S. F.

    1. I hope that she will post soon. :) We don't currently have internet access out at our house, so we have to take turns when we are at our church. Thus, the more lengthy silence on here. :P


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