July 1, 2013

A time to read...

Wow, what a whirlwind my life has been lately!  I feel exhausted just thinking about all that has gone on, in the now by-gone, month of June. 

I will hopefully give a personal update soon, but I first wanted to share a whole list of links to articles I recently found encouraging, challenging, and necessary to read and re share. 

A Letter to the North American Church: Because it is Time (Ann Voskamp, A Holy Experience) - This was one of the most challenging and reinvigorating articles I have read all year. 

"There are those who would rather turn a blind eye to the needy than turn to the needy and be like Christ."

When Dirty Diapers Land on Your Head (No Greater Joy) - This short article reminded me again, that God allows all sorts of things to happen to us, because He loves us, and the trials and blessings He sends our way are meant to help us have more faith and complete trust in Jesus!

"When boxes of dirty diapers land on us as adults, do we get short and frustrated or angry and ask, “Why is God allowing this to happen to ME?” Or do we, like a child, pick up the box again and know that God is working all things out for our good?"
Good Day to You? (R.C. Sproul Jr.) - In this touching account of a recent 'victory' over a killing center (Abortion clinic), Sproul reminds us that even though one of these horrible places has closed its doors (hopefully forever), there are still thousands of babies being murdered every day!

"A day is coming when our Father will answer our prayers. There will be not only no babies being murdered in Orlando, but all the babies in Florida will be safe. Murder centers across the nation will gather cobwebs. And around the world wombs will once again be a place of safety and nurture.  But when that day comes, we will I pray find ourselves on our knees in repentance. We will weep for joy, but we will weep in shame as well. We will, like Allied soldiers liberating Buchenwald, bitterly confess that we did too little, and too late."

Can You Be a Lady without being Modest? A thoughtful, woman's perspective on modesty and why it is so important that we present ourselves in a faultless way, so that others would not stumble. 

"Because we have such a deep desire to be seen as beautiful we are often willing to sacrifice the purity of the men around us on the altar of our own beauty.  Women will flippantly say that it’s the guys problem not theirs, all the while selfishly enjoying the attention their clothing choices gain them.  But it’s not just the guy’s purity we are compromising when we ignore God’s way in the area of modesty, it is our own."

And finally, Feminism, modesty and the bikini -  Just in time for summer and swimming, this evaluation of the modern swim wear is helpful, although I don't completely agree with the author. 

Is modesty about covering up our beauty, or about representing the dignity of who we are, made in His image and likeness?

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