June 5, 2013


My outfits are usually pretty basic.  They consist of either a skirt (of varying length) or jeans, and a t-shirt, or sometimes a casual dress blouse.  And I pair that with either no shoes, sandals, flip flops or tennis shoes.  In the winter I wear boots frequently. 

I was somewhat skeptical about wearing this vibrant of green.  I generally look better in a more muted green, or I just avoid it.  But, I think it turned out to be something I might wear, (in moderation), from now on. 

My outfit was pretty basic: Old Navy blue jeans (boot cut), American Eagle leather sandals, a dress casual blouse, white tank top.  I had one bobby pin in my hair, that's it. 

 I really like what my hair was doing this day!  I wish it was always this curly. :)

What a cheesy smile! 
This is a favorite from a recent photoshoot my sister Jo and I did with our cousins Rachel and Rowena.  The lighting is perfect, and we all look genuinely happy. 

I like this one too!  My hair and make up that day were perfect. ;) 

My outfit this day was - dark wash jeans (Ann Taylor Loft), a button up peasant blouse, simple black glass bead necklace, and sandals.  I didn't do anything with my hair, just let it drape naturally.  

When I wear makeup, I try to go for the natural look - which means minimal blush on the cheeks, light colored eye shadow and not very much, and a light touch of eye pencil.  I don't wear lipstick - just a beeswax based clear lip balm.  And, I don't wear any mascara. 

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