June 3, 2013

life lately

Your promises have been thoroughly tested; 
that is why I love them so much.
Psalm 119:140

Swinging at the park on a recent Saturday - Jaden was laughing at the faces I made :)

I am really enjoying my Chacos 

While Phoebe has been away assisting an aunt in her recovery from surgery, we have been blessed to Skype with her several times.  

Our raspberry plants are already bearing fruit!

A snap from a recent road-trip I took with my sisters 

I generally don't take "selfies" because it is just lame, but I took this one to see what I looked like with this hat, in order to decide if I really wanted to buy it. :)

With my youngest cousins - Zak and Emma-Grace, and my sister Jo!

Sisters, sisters <3 br="">

Another hat picture. I ended up getting it!

A "before" picture, from our fifth annual Memorial day blast gathering.  This was before everyone showed up.  

The peppers are also doing well - these are banana peppers, sweet and yummy

Our Skype friend - Humpdee :)

Jaden and I enjoying a break during a bike ride.  Love spending time with my youngest bro!

This tomato has gotten even bigger - it is now about the size of my two fists, put together! 
On a recent Sunday evening - those of us who wore gray, got our pictures taken 

A lovely group of loved ones 

"Thinkers" minus Claudia - she was just being sweet 

That's better!

What's down that way, I wonder?

Dad conversing with some new friends at MDB V

What a pretty sweetie - Baby A is fascinated with Phoebe 

Aunt Sara and her little charge 

Talking with friends 

More conversations 

We estimated that at the end of it all, about 70 folks came to our event 

Hi Jadon! 

Encouraging conversations 

Three lovely ladies 

Dad and Mr. S. enjoyed conversing :) 


  1. I enjoyed Memorial Day so much ... thanks for letting us in on it -- and sweetly including our friends, too. ;) And I'm glad you got the hat! You look adorable in the mirror picture! :)

  2. Yay!! It was a fun day with friends. :) You are so welcome. Glad they could come.

    Thanks, I really like it a lot.


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