June 25, 2013

A Letter to the North American Church {Re-blogged}

Last week, I read this article by author, Ann Voskamp (A Holy Experience), it reminded me again of everything I see wrong in the church, and how if each of us just stepped out of our comfort zones, there would be a radical transformation of our country, of our world.  It's all about being like Jesus.  Loving others.  Denying ourselves.  Self-sacrifice.  Honoring the least of these, and just people in general.  Doing what the word says, no matter what! 

Take a few minutes to read the article, and then let's go out and do the Great Commission - in our families, in our neighborhoods, in our cities, in our states, in our countries and in the world! 

Let's follow Jesus in obedience and fulfillment of His commands throughout the New Testament!!
You don’t wait until you have more before you give to God – you give now so you get to become more in God. The children are all smiling and singing and there’s all this light coming like dappled deliverance through the leaves.
“Bring your only mango to Jesus,” the Compassion teacher’s waving his hands in extravagant joy. “Bring your one handful of beans, bring your one heart overflowing with song.” It’s not having much that makes you rich — it’s the giving much that makes you rich. Give and you are the rich.
I am standing in Africa and you can hear the whole North American Church, rising up, crying out: What if caring for the poor was more than just caring about easing our consciences? What if caring for the poor meant feeling sacrifice for the poor?  What if we weren’t really feeling care for the poor – until we were really feeling sacrifice for them?

North American Church, it is time: We are all done with no-risk, no-sacrifice, no-point lives.
It is time: We are all done with the drug of comfortable and dare to live the dream of uncomfortable.

It is time: We’re all hungry for uncomfortable because we’re hungry for God – and He is outside of our comfort zones.

This. Is. What. Faith. Is.
Read the complete article, here

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