May 14, 2013

1000 Gifts

1116. Dad's job interview this Sunday
1117. Opportunities to pray for complete strangers in dire need of God's mercy
1118. Oats
1119. Family days packed with visiting, and adventures
1120. Mother's Day
1121. Owls
1122. Photo shoots
1123. Jaden's humor
1124. Phoebe-dee and how much she is missed when she is gone
1125. Encouraging conversations with Tanisha

1126. Mom's heart for Jesus, and how she wants so desperately to hear from him on a daily basis
1127. Three new books from Half Price Books
1128. Long walks
1129. Answered prayers
1130. Main Theme from Up - played by Johanna

My list will continue to grow as I praise the Lord each week here on my blog!

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  1. I am currently reading One Thousand Gifts. It is an awesome book!!

  2. That's fantastic! I really want to read that book. :)


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