April 4, 2013

I ♥ Thursday {no. 1}

Father Brown Mystery series (BBC) -- based on G.K. Chesterton's crime solving Priest Father Brown short stories.  Fascinating story lines and beautifully shot in the Cotswolds of England. :)

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Looking forward to doing this with my sisters once we have some dry, warmer weather.  I love spring in all of its majestic color, and the fact that it gets dark later is a bonus.

Every Good Thing - The Afters -- A great pick me up song, peppy and great lyrics that remind me of all the blessings I am surrounded by, every day.  And how little time I really have on this earth.  God IS the reason for every good thing.

I'm really loving the sandals that are popular this spring / summer.  Some are really quite cute and classic looking. 

My Pinterest feed has been clogged by so many cute spring dresses and skirts, paired with thin belts that are simply rad!  Here is one example that I liked enough to re-pin to my wardrobe inspiration board.  I like the polkadots, blue and brown.  A nice, casual and comfy look that is also feminine and simple. 

Loved celebrating Resurrection Day so early this year!  It was a day full of joy and thankfulness to Jesus for His ultimate sacrifice on my behalf.  It is my favorite Holiday, and I always get pumped up for Passion Week, where I intensely reflect on His most precious gift to humanity -- Salvation, free and full of grace, mercy and love.

Amen!  After having the worst flu / stomach bug over the last couple of days (Tues-Wed) I can attest to the fact that eating healthy, and living healthfully are definitely something I am passionate about, and have been for my entire life.  Thank God for essential oils and other natural remedies that helped me through a horrible couple of days -- and to my amazing Mom, and sisters Phoebe and Jo. 

Child of the 90s -- Internet Explorer (just the way I remember it, and yes I was one of "those" kids who played Oregon Trail). 

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