April 13, 2013

All my tears

All my tears were not unseen by You
Each of them You held in Your bottle 
As dew upon the grass at dawn
Each of them are dear to You 
And none of them fall to the ground unnoticed
When I cry You are aware of my pain
And cry to me "My daughter!"
Courage and hope fill my heart 
When I read the words of life You hold.
Truth is what I should cling to most
And turn aside from worthless rubbish;
Surrounding my life is an ocean of scum.
Worthless, wasteful and wanton sin call
But so do You.
And if my heart breaks, whose fault is it?
My own entirely.
For should I choose the Path of Life
Or the Way marked Death?
So easily my feet slip off The Path 
And yet You gently guide me through tears
Back onto the Path which so clearly and well-marked
Stretches out before my feet
And I will joyfully embrace it, no matter.
And all my tears You see
And I embrace them for they were given me by You.


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