April 23, 2013

1000 Gifts

1001. Dandelions by Five Iron Frenzy
1002. Sunday afternoons with family and friends who drop past for a visit
1003. Avacados
1004. Silver
1005. A thought provoking article on feminism and motherhood
1006. My capris
1007. Mysterious envelopes
1008. God's declarations of the divinity of Jesus (Matt. 3:16-17; Matt. 17:5-6; John 12:21-33; Rom. 1:4)
1009. "Our identity isn't something we achieve, it's something we receive.  God is the definer, we are the defined." -- Tullian Tchividjian
1010. Banana smoothies
1011. Peppermint essential oil
1012. Text messages from Camille
1013. Sprouting beans and radishes
1014. The God of peace who rules in my heart
1015. Mineral tea

My list will continue to grow as I praise the Lord each week here on my blog!
To join in the praise click here.     

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