February 22, 2013

Not My Daddy's Helpmeet {re-blogged}

A friend of mine wrote this wonderful blog post about daughters and their roles in the home, and I couldn't help but pass it along to you, my readers, as recommended reading. 

"Now I am 22 years old and after 4 years of trying and failing over and over again, I am still not married and I have only in the last year or so really begun to understand that my purpose is not to serve a man but to serve God and not to serve God by serving a man necessarily, (although that may be part of it someday) but to just simply serve God whether I am at home with my parents, on my own with roommates, with my husband and children or alone on the mission field. I have often thought, "What if I don't ever get married?" and I always brushed the thought away. Of course I'll get married, that's God's will for me! Now I actually consider it. It is not terribly unlikely that I could remain single the rest of my life. I've spent the past 4 years with the goal being to get married, how am I going to spend the next 4 years if I'm still not married? What I'm still single at 40? Do I really want to remain in my parents' home, working 40 hours a week to help pay their bills and buy material things for myself? Is that what I want to do with my life? More importantly, is that what God wants me to do with my life?"
 She closes out the post with this serious reminder to parents and children:

Parents, teach your sons to look for a woman who fears God and honors her father, not a woman who obeys her father and "honors" God.Sons, look for a woman who loves her Lord first and submits to Him and you will have found a woman who can submit to you...whether you find her at home in her father's house or on her own.

Take a few minutes to read her post, and hear her heart.  I think you will be blessed and challenged, as I was.  


  1. Hi Abby,

    Thank you for re-blogging this! I went over to Abigails blog and now have read it twice :). My heart has been pondering a lot of the things she mentioned.

    Love, Elizabeth

  2. You're welcome. She really has a way with words, eh? ;)

    Thanks for the comment.

    Love you!


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