February 13, 2013

A dancin' we went

On the first Friday of every month, a local group gets together and practices various English Country Dances.  

One of the things Johanna wanted to do for her birthday, was attend the dance.  It had been a few months since we had last been able to make it, since we no longer live in the city where the dance is held.  So, mid Friday afternoon, Phoebe, Johanna, Jaden and I took off for our old hometown, to run errands, and eventually, end up at the dance.  We picked up our good friend, Stephen, and brought him along for a night of enjoyment.  

Smiling quite cheesy grins (l-r Johanna, Abby, Stephen and Jaden)

One of the many enjoyable dances

A four hand star

Setting right and left

Changes of rights and lefts 

Our wonderful and knowledgeable caller - Tiffany

Siblings spotted!  (Johanna and Jaden)

Turn your diagonal

Some of the attendants actually engage in conversation (*gasp*) ;)

Half figure eight, please

Forward and back


I believe that Sophia Bella receives the cutest baby of the day award. :)  She is an absolute doll!

Conversation during a much appreciated break

Lovely ladies conversing

Mother, daughters and friends

Some of the stellar young gents

Silly picture (l-r Stephen, Phoebe and Johanna)

This was such a sweet moment: Jaden adores Ryan (guy in the red shirt, kneeling) and he attended the dance that night.  Well, Jaden found an opportunity to speak with him.  We looked over in time to see Ryan and our other friend, Angela, kneel down to Jaden's level... so thoughtful of them! 

We had a lovely time, dancing the night away!  Next practice is on March 1st. :)

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