January 20, 2013

Prayer requests

Tomorrow is a pretty big day for my family on two fronts. 

First of all, my Poppy is having major surgery, bi-lateral knee replacement, to repair some serious damage he has sustained over the years on his two knees.  He will be in the hospital a few days, and then on to rehab, if all goes well.  Please pray that he would pass through the surgery with flying colors, and that he wouldn't contract any infections while in hospital. 

And secondly, my brother Caleb is launching out on an adventure... I will not divulge the details at this time, just that you guys would lift him up in prayer for safety, strength, wisdom, a powerful time, and lots of blessings flowing from Above. 

Thank you guys for this!  And, if you have anything I can pray about for you, please leave me a comment.  I'd love to pray for you in any way. :)

xx abby

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