December 18, 2012

My life is not boring

I think sometimes that I wish my life had a little more excitement.  Or that perhaps, I had more friends with whom I could do fun activities, or have adventures with, on a more regular basis.  But all that is, is my heart expressing ingratitude, restlessness.  

Certainly, from an observers perspective, I probably do live a more "sedate" lifestyle than most 20-somethings, but I'm not comparing myself with them.  I am glad I stopped doing that a while ago.  It's depressing trying to "be like the Jones'." 

In the last two weeks I have: Helped a friend move - he went from being homeless, living in his vehicle, to getting a good job, a nice large apartment, all in the matter of a few days.  It was a blessing to assist him over a couple of days, move into a new place, hopefully for a long while, and seeing how it was a relief for him, not having to brave another night in his car.  The sunset that Friday night was beautiful (see picture above), and the interesting tree made for a perfect photo opportunity as I was taking a short break from hauling boxes up a flight of stairs.  

Skipped Ultimate Frisbee, which has become a Monday evening 'ritual' that my siblings and I look forward to the whole week.  Because it was so cold that Monday night, we decided to go Christmas shopping instead, and enjoyed a nice variety of places, including North Haven Gardens, which is quite impressive in their selection of plants, and other garden things.  Right now, they have it beautifully decorated for the Holidays, inside and out.  We had a fun evening together, shopping and driving around, enjoying the lights and other Holiday decor on the way.  

That Monday night (a week ago yesterday), we stopped in at Whole Foods, and I had Johanna take a look at their Toms selection, and pick out a pair, which I plan on buying for her 15th birthday, in February.  I think we found "the pair" and had fun in the process, all of us seeing which style and color we'd buy, if we had the money, har har. ;)  

Thursday night, my sisters and I had the joy of meeting up with old friends for coffee and a nice chat at a Starbucks in Grapevine.  The time went by so fast, and we left when they closed, but just to go and sit out in the van to continue our conversation until late that night.  When you only get together every two years or so, the precious few hours spent together, are just that precious, and few.  But, oh so enjoyable and worth every last second.  Hopefully, a similar outing will take place in January. 

Jaden looks forward to his 10th birthday, which we will celebrate this weekend.  Joel bought him the bow and arrow set you see above, as an early birthday present.  It's hard for Jaden, because his birthday is in close proximity to Christmas, some years we just buy him one gift, for both days. :P  This year, who knows.  He is most looking forward to Caleb coming down to spend the day -- all day, Friday.  He really misses Caleb not living with us at present.   

He's been practicing every day since he got his gift, and is really quite accurate.  It's nice to see him out there, being diligent at learning a new skill which could be handy one day. :)  He's such a manly little guy (said in a distinctly Jaden voice), and wants to do everything the "big kids" do. 

Saturday I completed my Christmas shopping, and wrapped up all of the gifts - yay!  I love being able to do that all in one day. :)  Jaden really wanted to accompany me on my outing, but I told him that I would be picking up his gift, so he was content to stay home.  He knows what it is... but I have maintained that I bought him an over-sized Tootsie Roll (it's the long, silver package nearest the blue package in the picture above).  I went to three stores, all within a nice easy drive of each other.  Blessing right there, that I didn't have to drive far, and was able to pick up everyone's gift, except Caleb's... hmmm. 

Later Saturday afternoon and into the evening, our dear friends the G. family came over for a visit.  My Uncle Abe was in town for the day, and they wanted to see him before he left.  They brought their Uncle Eddie, which was nice. :)  We enjoyed homemade pizza and salad, and encouraging conversation, and play-time with the kiddos in the backyard. There's never a dull moment when Tristan and Lizzy come to play! 

Joel made yummy coffee Sunday morning, and although I don't usually drink coffee, the kind he was brewing, is just so good.  Caleb came down and our family worshiped together.  We enjoyed a lot of Christmas carols, until I was breathless and hoarse.  Then we opened up the Word and discussed evangelism and the Gospel.  It was deep and intense and good and necessary.  Lunch was a family affair, and then we discussed dreams of a family business and gardening.  

Caleb went back to Mck., and the rest of us kids decided to go on a bike ride, as it had been a while since our last Sunday evening/night ride.  We drove to Campion Trail, and instead of heading towards Irving, we went West, in the direction of Valley Ranch.  

It was certainly colder then we had expected, but when one is riding near water, it's going to be cool riding.  Once we made it on top of the levee type thing, we noticed a 10 degree difference in temperature - warmer.  

One of the crazy things we did as we were biking back through Valley Ranch, was stop under this bridge, and Phoebe climbed up onto this one-foot ledge, to see what it would be like to sleep there, as homeless people sometimes do.  It can be done, although I'd be afraid I would roll off during the night, and break my neck.  

We took a different route back to where we had parked, a much warmer one. :)  It took us along the top of the levee thing (sorry, not exactly sure what it's called), overlooking the lake, and the pretty houses, and the moon was shining down upon us brightly.  

Yesterday, Joel found a free source for mulch here in Dallas.  Preservation Tree company is a locally owned and operated business, which has so much business that they gladly offer free mulch pick-up by people like us.  All you have to do is stop by and get it.  That's exactly what Joel, Phoebe and I did yesterday afternoon.  We started out hand loading it into the wheel barrow, but a few minutes into that process, one of the men who works for Preservation Tree services, came out and offered to load us up using their Bobcat.  It went much faster and we were so grateful for his help!  

So, if you live in the DFW metroplex and need mulch, or tree services of any kind, we recommend Preservation Tree services to you! 

Whew... I'm exhausted after writing that all down. 

Have a lovely week, and don't be bored! ;)

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