November 19, 2012

1000 Gifts

786. Matches
787. Lecrae and his uplifting, God-centered lyrics
788. Noah's "goodnights"
789. Family bible studies on Sundays and how Jesus keeps moving, in amazing ways, week after week
790. Blueberry yogurt
791. Dad's heart
792. Mom's healing process
793. Elizabeth and her heart for Jesus - what a precious friend
794. Rose lotion which smells so lovely and feels so soft
795. 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redmon
796. Note pads
797. Morning walks
798. Late night chats with my darling sisters
799. Pop Murray's flannel lined quilt he made 
800. A voice to praise Jesus with
801. Heart Cry Missionary Society and the work of Paul Washer
802. Thanksgiving smells in the air
803. Ezekiel 3:20-21 
804. Johanna's photography
805. Jacob, Tanisha, Tristan and Elizabeth (that's actually 4 wonderful blessings, in one family)
806. Kerri S.
807. A new route to work, saving me time and fuel
808. My gray scarf / neck warmer, Jo made for me
809. My blue Converse All-Stars
810. Ice cream on Sundays
811. Sharpie markers
812. This blog post 

My list will continue to grow as I praise the Lord each week here on my blog!
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