October 9, 2012

A day at the park

Last Saturday we (Phoebe, Johanna, Jaden and I) took a walk down to the park nearest our house.  Despite the cooler temps and wind, we had a good time.  

There are some neat trees at this park, and we stopped at one of them to take some pictures.  Oh yes, and Jaden thought he was stuck after he climbed up the tree and couldn't come back down.  So, we had a few minutes of laughter as we attempted to help him down.  He jumped in the end, and was fine. 

Johanna looking smart in her fall outfit with a splash of color 

There are some lovely rose bushes, overflowing with blooms.  

Loveliness in a flower 

And then we found a cool swing and took silly pictures :)  

The leaves are changing color 

I think Autumn is here 

I served as a model for Johanna 

Admiring the beauty found in a simple leaf 


What is she thinking I wonder? 

After we had walked around in the park, snapping photos, we went under the bridge and sang in 4-part harmony which sounded like we were in a cathedral!  Then we tramped up to the library where we saw the ducks, and looked at books for a bit. 

All in all, it was a lovely afternoon with my darling siblings. :) 

The geese flying south
In a row long and V-shaped
Pulling in winter
-- Sally Andresen (Fall)

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