September 4, 2012

1000 Gifts

766. Worn - by Tenth Avenue North
767. Tough questions
768. Late night conversations with Phoebe and Jo
769. Birthday celebrations with family
770. Scavenger hunt with the H.'s
771. Baby hands
772. Squash
773. Thunderstorms
774. Exodus 6:6-8
775. You-version Bible app
776. My black teddy-bear tee shirt
777. God's perfect nature
778. Jaden coming and telling me he loves me
779. Welcome rugs
780. Blue pens
781. Potatoes
782. The walking track at "my" park
783. Stop lights
784. Cinnamon
785. Neem oil

My list will continue to grow as I praise the Lord each week here on my blog!
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  1. I love your homemade ornaments! I especially liked the ones that were see through and that you put memories from the year in. What an awesome idea! I need to think ahead and do some of these ideas next year. Thanks for sharing with us at Monday Madness.
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  2. That is such a cool thing to do! I'm following

    P.S I would love it if you would stop by my blog.


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