August 16, 2012

Summer Days

This has been one of the most memorable and fun-filled summers in my adulthood.  When I was a child, it was easy for me to have a fun time, and get caught up in the the summer vacation.  My imagination was much more active back then, and I didn't have a job, or adult responsibilities putting a damper on the fun side of life.

Taking walks with my younger siblings seems to be an almost daily occurrence since our move.  It helps that we are within easy walking distance of three really nice and beautiful parks.

This cute squirrel was hanging out on a really neat tree stump.  Phoebe was able to capture some up close pictures of him/her. :)

  The water works are a good reason to get wet on any outing, don't ya think?

Isn't it lovely?  Such a peaceful place to stroll on a hot summer's day.

Time for some energy-filled jumping pictures

Jaden's airwalkin' style

Phoebe's got the whole "Ninja" thing down to a tee.

Another picture of the squirrel

We even conquered a hill - haha

Then we enjoyed the lovely fragrances at the rose garden.  I especially enjoyed how the orange and pink roses smelled.  Heavenly, heavenly. :)

These have the most gorgeous smell... I could have a whole row of them in my yard!

There was a refreshing fountain that sprayed our sweaty faces.  Positive ions, positive ions.

We bumped into this gorgeous model on our meander... oh wait, it's Jo

Framed :)

I am really glad this one turned out.  We were in this "jungle" area of the park, and the lighting wasn't the best.  Love these kiddos!!!!!

What's this?  A wild man of the bush?  Nah, just Jaden being a goof ball.

We enjoyed our relaxing afternoon stroll beside the pretty streams.  Walks are so beneficial, and loads of fun when taken with loved ones.

I hope I can cram a few more fun days into my summer before I have to say "adieu."

What have you done this summer that has made it enjoyable and interesting?  Would love to hear from you, just leave a comment below.

abby xx


  1. haha, thanks (re: "gorgeous model"). ;)

    That was a fUn walk!!! :)

    Love ya,

  2. No prob Jo! It was loads of fun. We should do it again before y'all start back to school.

    Love you too!!


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