August 10, 2012

I heart summer

 Taking walks with my siblings

English Country Dancing with friends

Picking Blueberries with my siblings and dear friends

Ultimate Frisbee with friends

Volleyball with a good group of folks who really know how to make the ball fly

Flowers that brighten any field or yard

Children who giggle and enjoy life so much more than adults seem to

Friends who embrace life and each other when they are together

Gardening is such a reward

Cousins who are just too cute (and hug-able) This is Zak and Emma-Grace

These are just a few of the many reasons why I love summer!

I tag my sisters Phoebe and Jo to do a similar posts on their blogs, and also Johanna.


  1. Abs,

    I was wondering if you might like to be interviewed on my blog for part of a modest fashion blog party I am hosting-- this September/October. If so, please email me and I will give you the details. :)


    Love ya,

  2. Sure thing Jo! I'd love to be interviewed. :)


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