July 3, 2012

My Grandma

Please be in prayer for my paternal Grandma, who suffered a heart attack yesterday and is now in hospital awaiting surgery, most likely.

She has clogged arteries that the doctors are concerned the most about, but also, she is just not feeling well and is very tired.

We spent the entire day at the hospital, supporting her during her time in the E.R., during the tests and then finally when she was admitted into the ICU.


She didn't sleep well, if at all last night, but was able to keep down some breakfast, and lunch - which is a good sign.  She was sleeping when my Mom talked to the nurse, a little while ago. 


Grandma came through the surgery to insert two stints into her blocked arteries, very well.  She spent yesterday in the ICU, and is set to come home sometime Monday.

God has done above and beyond all of our highest hopes, and we are so grateful. :)


Thank you so much friends!  God is with us, and we feel His hand guiding us during this time.

xx abby


  1. We will be praying for her and ya'll!!!


  2. Thank you so much Bekah!!! <3

    Love you guys. :)


Thank you for sharing!