July 26, 2012

In the throes of moving

Well dear readers, the reason for the blogging silence is, I am on the brink of moving out of this house, into my Grandma's, which means I've not had much time for anything besides packing, putting stuff into storage, packing up stuff at my Grandma's and working on suring up the camper in order to move it off this property.

Our goal is to be out of this house by the end of this week (as in two days, which I highly doubt will happen) or perhaps by next Monday.  Either way, we are down to the wire on days left to get stuff done.

Monday some friends came over and helped us clean all the windows inside and out, and worked on the trailer, plus we did some additional cleaning in the house and just generally had a fun day!  It usually takes my sisters and I two days to finish the windows, so getting it done in a few hours, was phenomenal. :)

Most of the cleaning left to do is wiping down walls, cleaning ceiling fans, scrubbing the floors, shampooing the carpets and general cleaning of each room, to make the house nice for the next folks.  I'm feeling capable.

Stay tuned friends, I'll try to give you another update soon. 

xx abby

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