July 11, 2012


1st 5k with brothers and friend (l-r Joel, Andrew, Jaden and Caleb)
Combing out his curls once more before they got cut
Caleb is quite skilled when it comes tools

Sooo scary!!

Bowling buddies (l-r Caleb, Andrew and Phoebe)


Back in the day (l-r Phoebe, Jo, Abby and Caleb)

Captain Cutie

Cousins (l-r Dennis Jr., Jason, Caleb and Joel)

Grandpa holds baby Caleb

Christmas with the family

Caleb, Grandpa, Joel and little guy Jaden

Papa holding little Caleb :)

Sooo 90s

Family photo

Thanksgiving with the cousins (l-r Jason, Abby, Rachel, Caleb, Joel, Dennis Jr., Rowena, Jo, Jaden and Phoebe)


Cousins on the couch (l-r Abby, Joel, Caleb, Jason and Rachel)

Celebrating Aunt Naomi's b-day

One of my favorite sibling pictures (Indiana 2003)

Now a man

Snuggle time (l-r Abby, Jo, Joel, Pheebs and Cale)

Buckskin Bob
Teen years


Caleb's always had the sweetest smile

Mississippi (2011)

5k with friends (Caleb finished 3rd overall)

Happy Birthday Caleb!!!!  You are an amazing young man, and I am so blessed to call you my brother!  God's blessings on another year of life. 

I love you!! :) 

xx abby

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