July 9, 2012

1000 Gifts

 721. home bible study
 722. singing
 723. watching baseball with Phoebe
 724. being amazed at how fast the chickens have grown
 725. dinner conversations with friends
 726. bobby-pins
 727. successful surgery for my Grandma
 728. laundry to do, because it means I have more than one shirt and pair of pants
 729. summer time fun with friends
 730. bowling
 731. lip gloss
 732. new friends
733. wild flowers
734. our summer project (refurbing an old camper trailer)
735. the way God works in our lives
736. a new calling for our family
737. laughter
738. Sunday afternoons
739. home grown tomatoes
740. safety pins
741. journaling with Jaden

My list will continue to grow as I praise the Lord each week here on my blog!
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