April 11, 2012

Wave of Homeschoolers endorse Ron Paul

I was home educated, thus I am passionate about home education.  I am also passionate about Ron Paul, and his presidential campaign.  I supported him in 2008, and am doing so again this year.

Recently we've seen a large number of influential homeschoolers endorse Dr. Paul for President.  I wanted to share a few of them with you guys.

“I am for Ron Paul because he is the only candidate who is actually willing to stand for Constitutional government and an end to our breakneck dash towards national bankruptcy, because he is right that America cannot afford to be the world’s policeman, and because any of his currently viable opponents would be disastrous as President.
“The time for pussyfooting is past. We need to remember where these candidates came from, as well as informing ourselves about the positions they currently claim. Unlike Ron Paul, who has steadfastly maintained his “small, Constitutional government” principles through decades in office, all his opponents have given aid and comfort to the opposition.
“Newt Gingrich single-handedly derailed the Republican Revolution of 1994, by insisting that, instead of immediately enacting the reforms they were elected to do (such as eliminating the Department of Education), the new Republican congressmen should spend the next 120 days concentrating on his “Contract with America” – which totally failed to rein in or eliminate ANYTHING. Thus, all momentum was lost and nothing got done. Add in Newt’s womanizing, his lobbying for bailout bandit Freddie Mac, and his overall Big Government/RINO positions, and Gingrich can be counted on to throw conservatives under the bus, just like the last time, in the event he is elected.
“Mitt Romney is Obama Lite. His “Romneycare” program in Massachusetts is a great example of why Obamacare needs to be stopped. The “Great Flip-Flopper” can’t be trusted with our lives, money, and freedom. Romney is for government growth, deficit spending, socialized healthcare, decreasing personal freedom . . . He is far to the left of where Democrats were only a couple of decades ago. Romney is the unelectable McCain of 2012, there only to throw the election to the Democrats.
“Rick Santorum will never be forgotten for how he tirelessly stumped for transparently liberal Arlen Specter in PA – the same Arlen who defected to the Democrats once in office, thus (with the election of Al Franken) providing the Democrats a filibuster-proof majority in 2009. This, although a genuine conservative, Pat Toomey, was leading Specter in polls at the time (and only lost by less than 2%, even with then-President Bush and then-Senator Rick Santorum both pulling all the stops out to elect Specter). Looking at his actual voting record, as opposed to his present campaign promises, Santorum is a Big Government spender. And promising to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities unless they allow in international arms inspectors? What kind of foreign policy is this?
“As the mother of nine homeschool graduates, the author in 1986 of the first mass-market homeschool “how to” book, and the publisher of Practical Homeschooling magazine for over 100 issues, I am not only concerned about which candidate can best be trusted with our homeschooling freedoms (Ron Paul!), but that your and my children will be able to raise their own children in a country that is not a mere devastated shell of its former self. This is why I support Ron Paul for President in 2012.”
Mary Pride, Publisher

And of course, Voddie Baucham's endorsement - Why Ron Paul?

"My desire is not to see a president who will usurp the authority, responsibilities, or privileges of the Church. However, I do not wish to see those things hindered either. I also want to know that the foundational ideology motivating a man’s decisions is biblical. I know it will not always mirror my own, but I trust God’s word, and appreciate those who look to it for aid in making decisions. To that end, I support Dr. Paul because he is not just a conservative, but a Christian Conservative.
Dr. Paul does not beat his Christian faith like a drum in his public/political life. Unfortunately, that is off-putting for the “Christian Right”. However, in a world full of ‘posturing’ in an effort to win over evangelicals, I find Paul’s public demeanor refreshing. And it is not as though he is a ‘closet Christian,’ either. “I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, and I endeavor every day to follow Him in all I do and in every position I advocate,” wrote Paul on his Web site. I have also had the privilege of talking with both him, and one of his five children about his faith and how it influences his policy positions.

You can read all of the endorsements, here.  And if you are on Facebook, show your love and support by 'liking' the Ron Paul Homeschoolers Facebook page

Ron Paul will be in Fort Worth this evening, check it out here

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