April 28, 2012

Raffa Run

This morning 4 of my siblings and I attended the Raffa Crisis Pregnancy Clinic benefit run in a town about an hour away. 

Jaden (9) ran in the 1k, he came in first.  This was his second 1k to run.  He has boundless energy, so he probably could have run the 5k with no problem.  He did a great job!  Way to go Buddy. :)

It was a gorgeous day to run ~ overcast and 70, with a moderate wind.  Not too hot just yet, thankfully.

Some (cheesy) smiling from Jo (14) and Jaden (9) as we wait for the runners to return.  They really do love each other, Jaden was just being a goof ball.

Caleb (19), finished third overall!  This is only his third 5k to run, so we were really happy for our big/little brother!  He finished in just under 24 minutes.

Caleb crosses the finish line ~ in style, full speed. :)

Phoebe came in, still going strong.  This was her first 5k, and she did well!  She had decided to walk / jog most of it, but ended up running quite a bit.  We are really proud of you sister. :) 

Phoebe and our friend Brittany ~ they started out together.

Three running gals and pals ~ Brittany, Sara and Phoebe

The winners of the race ~ Jared (2nd), Samuel (1st) and Caleb (3rd)

The toe-shoes group of runners.  Pretty sweet!

One of the many jumping pictures we took. :) 

Maybe next year I'll have enough courage, training and proper equipment to run with these great folks.

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