April 28, 2012

Picture Post {Date with Jo}

Downtown is a good place to snap a photo

The other day, Jo and I set out to find her a unique hat at one of the antique stores, downtown.  In the process, she tried on lots of hats (as is evidenced in the photos above), looked cute, and we had fun browsing through various shops with many interesting and unique artifacts. 

This is the hat Jo settled on.  She looks adorable in it.  Suits her well. 
Some unique (and expensive) hats & fans
I thought this one both interesting and pretty
"What about this one?"
Looking cute in a pill-box style hat
Creame de le creme
A bed-room suite Jo admired
Re-purpose old kid gloves ~ make a lamp shade
Some pretty cut glasses I admired ~ smoky grey
Jo outside one of the antique malls
Outside one of the shops
"This one has a large bow"
This one reminds me of a bee-keeper's hat ~ pretty!

After we had purchased the desired hat, we strolled down to a local foods restaurant / shop ~ Petina Green, and bought ourselves a little healthy dessert.  We enjoyed snapping this picture just inside their shop.  Cute wall paper.  They have two tiny finches that sing to customers from one corner of the shop.  Sadly, I couldn't get a picture of them through their cage. 

After that, we looked around downtown a bit more and then left to go by one of the thrift stores we enjoy visiting.  Jo and I both purchased some things, including these cute sandals.

I really like them because they are light, and comfy.  

It was a fun afternoon with my sister and best friend ~ Jo.  :) 

"Just one more"


  1. Thanks, Abs! That was very fun!! :)

    Love ya,
    Jo <3

  2. We should do it again, soon!! Love you too sweetheart. :)


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