March 10, 2012

Day book {March 10}


Outside my window... It is raining, but not cold thankfully

I am thinking... That I can't wait for dinner :)

I am thankful... For day light savings, which begins at midnight

In the kitchen... Dinner preparations are underway, and the smell of baked potatoes, bagels and rice met my nose

I am wearing... A blue t-shirt, dark purple skirt and converse tennis shoes

I am creating... A lovely dinner for my family

I am going... To Arkansas in a few days for Spring Break

I am wondering... If I should email a dear friend whom I haven't heard from in months

I am reading... Peter Bringe's The Christian Philosophy of Food

I am hoping... The sun comes out tomorrow

I am looking forward to... The 28th, when a dear friend and I are hoping to do a Bible study together and chat

I am learning... That love is so vital in relationships, and patience covers a multitude of offenses

Around the house... My brothers are watching a documentary, one of my sisters is watching The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson, there is a ginormous bolt denim sprawled across the floor of the formal dining room and dinner is almost finished

I am pondering... How important it is for me to spend time with Jesus, and focus on my family's needs

A favorite quote for today... "Little is much if God is in it"

One of my favorite things... Blue - my favorite color

A few plans for the rest of the week: Church, and then travel time with most of my family and Grandma, and cleaning out my deceased Great grandma's house, visiting with family and eating good food.

A peek into my day... 

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