December 25, 2011

December 24, 2011

December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Jaden!!

With Johanna in Vicksburg, admiring a house they liked.

Jaden is a semi-expert on weaponry.  He enjoyed posing next to this cannon in Vicksburg.

A self-portrait with my phone ;)

Cheesy smile, but still sincere

Jaden and I, about to go to the park for some outdoor recreation

He’s becoming quite expert at the swing. :)   He enjoys the thrill of jumping out and landing safely.

Johann, Jaden and I at the park.  It was rather blustry that day.

Jaden having a uniquely Japanese experience, eating Green Tea ice cream with chopsticks!  We visited friends of our uncle who live in Birmingham, and they treated our family to some authentic Japanese food.

Jaden and a Chinese dragon, at the National Missionary Convention, Atlanta Georgia.  I took him for several strolls around the exhibit hall, due to his restlessness.

We found a kids station at the NMC and he spent a lot of time creating cool things out of the toys they had there.

He was so proud of his creation!  Jaden is very creative, and loves to build things.

With Phoebe, reading plaques at the USS Cairo memorial in Vicksburg.  He was fascinated by this gun boat that was sunk during the Civil War.

In downtown, enjoying the festivities of Dickins of a Christmas, and the race Caleb ran in.

He has begged me to take his picture on this spiraled staircase in downtown many times.  The Saturday after Thanksgiving afforded us an opportunity, and it turned out to be a cute picture of Jaden. :D

One of his favorite things… with Caleb. Legos!  For his birthday, he got a huge trains set.  He’s in love. ;)

Posing beside his new set!

Jaden joined our family nine years ago tonight.  I was excited to be a big sister once again, and it has been my privilege to help take care of him from the time he was just a few hours old.

Funny thing: our family held a contest of sorts in the days leading up to his birth, whoever guessed the day nearest to the actual day of his birth got to give him his first bath and dress him.  I choose December 17th, and two days later he was born.  I got to bathe and dress him.  Such a sweet memory.

J — Jovial, joyous, just goofy
A — Alert, always ready to play Legos, all-boy
D – Daring, darling, dimpled, dandy
E – Eager, earnest, ever-ready to assist Caleb or spend time with his chicken
N – Now nine, naturally a lover of outdoor activity, neat in his dress

He’s my little brother, and its hard for me to believe he’s growing up so quickly, the years have slipped past and I look back upon them with fondness.

Happy Birthday Jaden!  I love you. :D

December 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday

631. Telephone conversations with my sisters
632. Rain
633. Carrots
634. Childish laughter
635. Joseph's Lullaby
636. Successful shopping trips
637. Rubber bands
638. Sticky notes
639. Feathers
640. Words with Friends
641. Dad and Caleb's ability to repair our vehicles when they are in need of repair
642. David Archuleta's rendition of Angels We Have Heard on High 
643. Tonya and her gentle, Christian spirit of love and compassion
644. Mom's curly hair (yes, I am slightly envious) ;)
645. Hope
646. My Christmas cactus
647. Wallace & Gromit ~ funny, real English humour
648. Hinges
649. A chance to redecorate and rearrange Grandma's parlor/dining room
650. Wheels

My list will continue to grow as I praise the Lord each week here on my blog!

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December 14, 2011

I love twitter.  It is an amazingly useful social networking medium, that I first used in February 2009.  Ever since, I have gained followers, followed fellow twitterers, and had fun in the process.

The cool thing about the new and improved twitter is that now you can access all of the above via your mobile device (for me, its an android), tweet pictures via twitpic, post links (that are automatically shortened), and share videos… or write a haiku.

All in 140 characters or less.

I’m in love. ;)

(hey, I wrote this post in only 100 words or less)

December 6, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

I know we are to give thanks everyday, and for everything, but for me it is easier to just reserve one day a week to publically express my gratitude to God for all the blessings He showers upon me each and every day!

616. Our trip to Georgia

617. Meeting Elizabeth, Amanda and Rebekah and their delightful family

618. Hot chocolate

619. Christmas parties

620. Pizza with Hannah

621. Christmas shopping with Phoebe and Jo

622. Helping Grandma decorate and clean her house

623. Thanksgiving with my cousins, and the fun times we've had over the years together

624. Mrs. D., Andrew, Daniel and Isaac ~ my other brothers :)

625. My new smart phone

626. Mike and Pat who so generously and graciously hosted us in their home while we ministered in Atlanta

627. The powerful film we watched about persecuted Christians worldwide

628. Jaden's imagination and love for life

629. New clothing

630. Mom's musical gifts and talents

My list will continue to grow as I praise the Lord each week here on my blog!
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People I Love...

Some of my favorite pictures, taken on our recent trip.  :)

December 5, 2011

Update on my Great-Grandmother

(This was written on December 3, 2011) 

Today I’m with my Grandma, assisting with my great Grandma, who continues to be very fragile after suffering a massive stroke in September.

Basically, her main issues are skin alliments, which we have to keep a close eye on, because of infection possibilities.

Daily it is a miracle for her to still be with us. I especially love it when she opens her eyes, following us as we feed her, change her bandages or bathe her broken body.

She sleeps, a lot. But that is not unusual for a stroke victim. They need lots of rest and sleep. And since she head major brain bleed, she needs it all the more.

We are so grateful for all of the prayers, the thoughtful cards, phone calls and visits. Please do continue to lift her before the Father of all comfort.

Happy December!

December 4, 2011

Hey Howdy!

I am ashamed to say that it has been almost an entire month of silence here on Imprimis. *sigh*  The world continues to spin, and I continue to live and breath, just away from the blog-o-sphere.

Our trip to Atlanta earlier this month was wonderful!  I had never been to Atlanta, although I have driven through a slice of NW Georgia, and from what I had heard, I was expecting it to be green and gorgeous.  It wasn’t quite as green had it been, say, July, but it was still magnificent and the lovely colors of fall cascaded along the side of every street.

We stayed with some friends of my uncle, who is a missionary in Germany.  They technically live outside of Atlanta proper, near College Heights Georgia, in a beautiful plantation style house with a huge stair case, and rap-around porch, and plenty of wonderful rooms for all of us to sleep in. :)   It was a great blessing to stay with Mike and Pat.  Gracious hosts, lovely people, they are used to large families, having had five children of their own.

The convention went really well!  We were kinda at the back of the exhibit hall, but on a corner, which was opportune.  Much traffic passed back and forth and through before, during and after the main sessions, which permitted us many chances to speak with folks about our work.  And the setup of our booth was inviting.  We had the new Living Waters film 180 movie showing on our television set all three days, which attracted a lot of attention.  And we were able to sell a few things, and give away lots more!

Saturday, the last full day of the convention, we had the blessed opportunity to meet up with several people.  First, our cousin Kelly, who lives in Atlanta, dropped by and had lunch with us.  We also enjoyed reconnecting with some friends we met at another conference last summer in Tennessee.  Three members of the H. family drove from S. Carolina, and visited with us, joining in our lunch and chat. It was especially a glad thing for Johanna, who is friends with the eldest H. daughter, Kimberly.  But we all enjoyed visiting with them, and they had a great time exploring the convention.

That evening, some friends who we’d met via their blog, dropped by on their way home from Florida to Tennessee.  It was sooooo cool meeting them in person, whereas in the past we had only communicated with them via email and Skype.  Face-to-face meetings are the best. :)   They were able to stay for a couple of hours before we had to part company.  But it was so special, and we are immensely looking forward to seeing them again, perhaps when they come to Texas. ;)

We began our journey homeward Sunday afternoon.  Our first leg of the trip ended with a nights stay in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  The next morning (Monday) we got up, packed the few things we’d take out of the van, and headed off to explore the splendor of old-world Vicksburg.  Perhaps the highlight of the day for me was driving through and reading the multitude of battlefield markers from the Civil War, that are scattered throughout the city, and in the Vicksburg National Military Park.  One of the neatest aspects of the park is near the end of the tour – The display containing the USS Cairo sunk by CSA troops on December 12, 1862.  I marveled at how after it had been in water for one hundred years, and been restored, it stood before me.  This gun-boat was like a thing imagined by Leonardo di Vinci, almost like a armored tank on water.  Very unusual.

Our final leg home took us through some rain, a blessed thing in Texas right now.  We got home at nearly mid-night.  Exhausted, and ready to be home, but oh so blessed at all that we’d just experienced.

I live an unusual life, and I love it!

Pictures coming soon. :)

I hope that you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!  I am still getting used to the idea that we are just a little under a month away from Christmas.  Crazy!